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We provide top-notch guaranteed ayurvedic treatment and offer a wide range of high-quality natural herbal products. Our goal is to offer our customers high-quality products that are effective and free from any harmful chemicals or side effects.

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Among the many lifestyle issues that Herbal Time Pvt. Ltd. focuses on treating are acidity, obesity, hair care, constipation, PCOD, hypothyroidism, height growth, weight management, diabetes control, skin problems, piles, and more. We have always believed that the body’s own healing mechanisms should be prioritised. We think it’s important to stay away from any substances or 100% ayurvedic treatment that might potentially cause harm. With this method, we can treat patients without worrying about any negative side effects. Our proprietary blends of ayurvedic herbs are the basis of all of our therapies. The herbs used in the therapy operate from the inside out to alleviate your symptoms. Your condition is less likely to return, which is another benefit. Our company provides a novel, non-invasive method of diagnosis.

Consult with our herbal products company professionals now to get individualised recommendations for Ayurvedic therapies and natural herbal products designed to address your ailment.


What Our Customers Say About Us

I was suffering from high uric acid and obesity. Took many treatments but no results.

Meena Thakur

It is without hesitation that I recommend anybody seeking ayurvedic medicine for healing and advice to visiting vedarthherbal.

Manoj Saxena

I am very happy to know about Vedarth Herbal. My self and my wife Mrs. Sing taking ayurvedic medicine and we feel that this is a very effective.

Mr. and Mrs. Singh

I was having constant pain in my lower abdomen for a long time. Ultrasound shows that there is a problem in the kidney. I contacted Vedarth Herbal for treatment and I was cured in just 40 days.

Mr. Ajeet

I had problems with PCOD. Everyone was recommended for allopathic treatment but even I tried to use ayurveda medicine. I was cured just in 3 months.

Riya Kapoor

Received the genuine product. I myself am using the products and I am fully satisfied.

Vinay Mishra

A panel of Ayurvedic Doctors

All of the 100% herbal treatment physicians here at our clinic are specialists in their fields and committed to giving you the best possible treatment. They give you a quick checklist on bespoke medicine and offer their help for your health issue for free. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment at our facility, we can answer any questions you may have and provide you in-depth advice on how to improve your health.

Our online order puts you in touch with an expert quickly and effortlessly, in the comfort of your own home. Please be as detailed as possible in describing your medical issue and providing your contact information so that we can help you as you order ayurvedic medicine online. You may expect a tailored pharmaceutical prescription and free health advice based on the information you submit, including your medical history.